Maguindanaon Trivia V: Panialam, the vanishing delicacy

Panialam or panyalam is a Maguindanaon rice cake with crispy edges/crusts; it is served mostly during funerals and death anniversaries. Before, Maguindanaons celebrate the so-called “gaygayan” to remember the death of their loved ones: 3 days, 7 days, 20 days, … Continue reading

Maguindanaon Dictionary written by Spaniards

I stumbled upon Mr. Sabri Zain’s website ( and found an interesting grammar book, entitled “A Grammar of the Maguindanao Tongue According to the Manner of Speaking It.” To download the whole book, go to this link: CAVEAT: The … Continue reading

Never leave Cotabato City without it!

Samra Maguindanaon Delicacies They have Tinagtag, Putri Mandi, Tipas, Dudol and many others. The owner is the daughter of my mother’s co-teacher. Website: Address: Angel Bacani St. Rosary Heights 2, Cotabato City, Maguindanao, Philippines Tinagtag Contact person: Mr. Ebrahim … Continue reading